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Maintenance, Repair and Testing

  • At COBO we offer the following specific services for containers:

    • Maintenance, repair (ADR-RID, IMDG, TPED, CSC)
    • ISO Standard Dimensions (Tank Containers and Portable Tanks).
    • Change of chassis and important reforms in both fuel tanks (Diesel, Gasoline, JET A1) and bitumen, Adblue and other merchandise.
    • Materials:
      • Envelope in Aluminum.
      • Casing in Carbon Steel.
      • Stainless steel casing.
      • With interior coating: Ebonite, Polyester.
      • With exterior coating: Thermal Insulation (mineral wool) and Polyester Lining.
      • Repairs and sealing installations (Locatel, Argos)
      • Repairs and supply of pipes and accessories (valves and connection accessories)
      • Repairs and installations of Cetil metering equipment, being an Authorized Workshop for sealing equipment of said Brand.
      • Compulsory intermediate and periodic tests.
      • Hydraulic tests.
      • Volumetric tests.
      • Review of the setting of safety valves.
      • Internal revisions.
      • Pneumatic tightness tests.

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